Analog Cabin

At this Analogue Cabin popup – a digital wellness workshop with space for you to think, learn, write, read or get creative – you can start as you mean to go on: get out of the cloud for a while, focus your thoughts and unleash your creativity. You’ll leave refreshed, inspired and planning your next offline session.

Here’s what the popup is all about:

  • Phones down, minds cleared
  • Introduction to the digital amnesty method and how it can help you
  • Testing out the approach: how to make it part of your work and life
  • Pencil to paper: drawing, writing, refocusing
  • Creative space: time to embrace nothingness, invite boredom and let your mind wander

With the guidance of analogue junkies Lucy Goodchild and Lisa Benoist, we’ll gather together, hand in our electronic devices and pick up something tangible (a pencil, a coloring book, writing paper… go crazy with our creativity buffet). We’ll learn how to integrate offline time – digital amnesty – into our work and lives, exploring what it could look like and what impact it might have. We’ll then do a test run of the digital amnesty together.

We’ll finish with a quiet session – space and time to think, draw, color, write or whatever you want to give you mind a bit of an airing. Even uitwaaien.

Are you ready to inject some creativity into 2020? Let’s get started!

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Oct 04 2023

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Nieuwe Kerkstraat 157, 1018 VL Amsterdam


Lucy Goodchild
+31 (0)652 000 609
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