Delight Yoga

Delight Yoga makes authentic yoga, meditation and healing accessible to everyone. We offer silent spaces to reconnect with yourself and find peace within. When you rediscover your true nature, you experience the sheer joy of being alive. This is the delight of being conscious. This is the Delight of Being.

We are dedicated to making your time at Delight Yoga a delightful one. We create spaces where you can feel safe, relax and be at peace. We love creating an experience that is authentic and meaningful.

You are very welcome in one of our four studios, located in the centre of Amsterdam. Our authentic yoga classes are taught (in English!) by our enthusiastic international teachers. Our passion for yoga goes further than only the yoga classes. We also put our whole heart into our studios.


Delight Yoga – Weteringschans

Weteringschans 53
1017 RW Amsterdam

Delight Yoga – Weesperstraat (tijdelijke locatie, totdat Nieuwe Achtergracht weer open gaat, uiterlijk 15 feb).

Weesperstraat 63
1018 VN Amsterdam

Delight Yoga – Nieuwe Achtergracht

Nieuwe Achtergracht 11-13
1018 XV Amsterdam

Delight Yoga – De Clercqstraat

De Clercqstraat 66-68
1052 NJ Amsterdam

Delight Yoga – Prinseneiland

Prinseneiland 20G
1013 LR Amsterdam

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Sep 22 2023

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